Multi-Craft Services

Industrial Solutions, Inc. is an insulation, scaffold, coatings, and general labor company. Industrial Solutions, Inc. recognized the need to perform projects involving a wide range of specialty services. This has been accomplished by bringing aboard top management and site supervision in order to establish a solid multi-craft labor force. Always maintaining the quality, excellence and professionalism our customers expect of Industrial Solutions, Inc. The following Multi-Craft services are now provided for the convenience of our customers:

  • Insulation- piping, towers, boilers, compressors, ¬†removable blankets, and more
  • Scaffolding- erection and dismantling for industrial and commercial needs
  • Coatings- blasting, painting, lining, fireproofing
  • Labor- standby attendants, janitorial, lawn maintenance, furniture¬†moving, trash removal

Industrial Solutions, Inc. has a strategic collection of services that allows us to satisfy all of your specialty contractor needs. Our multi-craft system provides quality and experience for a variety of industries

  • Petrochemical
  • Power and Utilities
  • Refining
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Commercial
  • Marine


Industrial Solutions, Inc. has developed a dedicated group of versatile superintendents to run smaller projects with dual crafts without the need of costly duplicated overhead. A large labor pool of cross-trained craftsmen allows Industrial Solutions, Inc. to handle many tasks with smaller crews while meeting all deadlines and finishing with Zero Accidents and Zero Incidents.